Soniqs Reveal New Rocket League Decal Featuring Intel Arc

PHILADELPHIA, PA— The Soniqs have revealed a new Rocket League decal featuring Intel Arc, the semiconductor manufacturer’s new flagship line of graphics technology. The new in-game decal with the Intel Arc logo on the side will be available on Octane, Fennec and Dominus cars.

“We’re excited to work with Intel in an entirely new way with Intel Arc,” said Darren Moore, General Manager of the Soniqs. “Being able to display this relationship through our Rocket League decal is a perfect way to bring Intel Arc closer to our fans and the Rocket League community at large.”

These decals are available for players to purchase in the Esports Shop and will be used by Soniqs’ professional Rocket League team throughout the Rocket League Championship Series this year. Rocket League decals are the main way players are able to customize their cars and express themselves within the game. This branded decal is one of the very first sponsored decals for an esports team in the game.

“We’re thrilled to continue working with the Soniqs in new and creative ways,” said Rob Clark, Global Client Gaming Marketing Director for Intel. “It’s an exciting way to showcase our incredible line products that help bring gamers to their next level.”

Intel Arc will provide GPUs for both laptops and desktops this year. These graphics cards power enthusiast gaming and creative software. Intel Arc’s first set of graphics cards is scheduled to release later this year.

“We’re really excited to be able to represent Intel Arc in-game,” said Tristian “tcorrell” Correll, professional Rocket League player for the Soniqs. “The decal looks amazing too, I think you’ll be seeing it often in-game.”

The Intel Arc partnership is in addition to the partnership Soniqs and Intel announced last fall. This year, Soniqs will be using Intel equipment across all of their teams and facilities while collaborating with Intel on content and activations across esports.

You can learn more information about Intel Arc’s mission to provide discrete gaming GPUs here.

For more information about Soniqs or the partnership with Intel Arc, contact the organization at

About the Soniqs:

The Soniqs were founded in 2018 as a professional esports organization headquartered in central Pennsylvania. The organization has founded championship-winning teams in Rainbow 6 Siege, PUBG, Rocket League and VALORANT. Already having won multiple championships, the Soniqs look to continue to grow as the most renowned esports organization on the East Coast.

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