Soniqs Esports Makes Waves with Impressive Debut Performance at SI 2024

This past month Soniqs travelled to São Paulo, Brazil to compete in the Rainbow Six Siege world championship—the Six Invitational (SI). In addition to competing for the world title against the top 20 teams in the world, SI also marked the debut of Jaylen “Ambi” Turk for Soniqs. Turning eighteen just a few days before the start of the tournament, he became the youngest player ever to compete in the tournament.

Soniqs began their tournament run in a group consisting of SCARZ, FURY, LOS, and Team Falcons. These teams posed little threat to the Soniqs, as they could not pick up a single map victory across eight rounds of Siege. After qualifying for the playoffs with a flawless record, Soniqs became a top team competing for the championship. Ben “CTZN” McMillan was also crowned the Group Stage MVP for the Soniqs.

Across four games, CTZN put up a 1.36 rating, +43 K-D, +11 entry, and 77% KOST—the highest in each category across all players.

With upper bracket playoffs secured, Soniqs continued their flawless streak against Wolves Esports. On Consulate Soniqs won 7-3 before dominating on Kafe in a 7-2 final. In the upper bracket semifinals, Soniqs faced their toughest opponent yet: FaZe Clan. The Brazilian team became the first real match for the Soniqs, putting up a 2-0 sweep. With the loss, Soniqs moved to the lower bracket to face w7m on stage.

Having won the last two international events in 2023, w7m were favorites to go the distance at SI. Facing a Brazilian roster in front of a Brazilian crowd, Soniqs had to defeat their toughest opponent yet or face elimination. Soniqs opened with a round victory on Clubhouse but quickly slipped and lost 7-2 on the map. The second map, Bank, didn’t prove much better with Soniqs ultimately losing 7-3.

General Manager Seth ‘Supr’ Hoffman had a few words on Ambi’s first ever tournament with Soniqs: “Ambi exceeded all of my expectations and reinforced my belief that he is not only the future of the Soniqs but of the NAL. To place top 6 in not only his first ever tournament, but his first ever tier one competition, which happened to also be the world championship of Siege, while holding his own and being a key part of many of our victories is truly astonishing.”

After a flawless group stage and a strong start to playoffs, Soniqs finished top-6 in the world at SI 2024—one of the highest placements for a North American team. Be sure to remain connected with Soniqs as the new season of Rainbow Six Siege starts later in April.

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