Soniqs Recap 11/1/2021

Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween! November has finally arrived and the teams ramp up for the coming competitions. Let’s see how they have been doing.

Rainbow Six Siege

This week Soniqs R6 focused on their scrims. Taking the time to make sure they’re prepared for the Sweden Major. 

See them play live on November 8th while they compete in Sweden!


Soniqs PUBG has touched ground in Korea and is currently going through quarantine. After their time is up, you can expect the team to be streaming and practicing for PGC.

But be sure to not miss them live for the PUBG Global Championship which starts on Friday, November 19th!


As promised we had a big announcement for the VALORANT team. We’re happy to welcome Jsung and x0tek to the Soniqs! x0tek is the team's new coach and had a few things to say about joining up.

"Feels good to officially be a part of Soniqs! It's been a pleasure getting to know everyone on the team, and working with them to build an effective system.

This week we've got a few events coming up, and it'll be a good way for us to showcase some of the work we've been doing. A big part of our focus has been getting our communication & fundamentals to the level we need to be. All things considered, the biggest difference between tiers of competition will always be the basics.

We've recently added JSUNG to the team, and he fits in incredibly well. His role as a flex duelist means that we have a lot of firepower and versatility on virtually every map. Now all that's left is to execute." - x0tek

As he said, Soniqs VALORANT play today, November 2nd, in the NSG Winter Open. Be sure to drop by and see just how good the newly completed roster is! 

Rocket League

Another play week for the Soniqs RL! Soniqs competed in the Swiss stage of the RLCS: Main Event Regional 2 this Friday. Unfortunately just missing the mark on qualifying for the playoffs. Suffering a close loss to Envy in round one, ending at 3-2 score loss. Then in game two, an unexpected loss to RBG, finishing out at a 3-1 loss. 

Not having given up yet, Soniqs came back with a win over eUnited at a 3-0 score in game three. Soniqs run came to an unfortunate end with a loss to Version1 at a 3-1 losing score.

Soniqs are back with a vengeance for RLCS: Fall Qualifier this Sunday. Don’t miss out! 

World of Warcraft

WoW is currently on farm and working towards prepping for the next tier of content. Every week they’re completing several full clears of Mythic Sanctum of Domination and getting closer and closer to their goal of being a top 10 world first raid roster.

Keep an eye out on the Soniqs twitter for upcoming content announcements! 

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