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Before entering esports, Seth “Supr” Hoffman earned a degree in journalism from Baylor University before going on to get a masters degree in journalism from North Texas University. Then, in 2017, Hoffman entered the competitive Rainbow Six Siege scene on console. He then transitioned to PC after the cancellation of Xbox Pro League and within two months he was competing on a Pro League team. Since his career started, he’s qualified for seven LANs including two Invitational tournaments as a member of eRa Eternity and Rogue.


As one of the youngest and newer to competitive players on the roster, Pablo “Gryxr” Rebeil came out of the gates swinging. After being acquired by the Soniqs and placing second in the first stage of the NAL, Rebeil was also voted the MVP. His first season in Challenger League, Rebeil also partook in the relegation of one of the previous Soniqs’ rosters. Subsequent to qualifying for Pro League, he was also part of the roster when eUnited abruptly left the scene. Rebeil is eager to prove that his MVP isn’t just a one time thing, and he’s here to stay.


Alexander “Yetii” Lawson has had quite the journey. While first being picked up for Pro League in Year 2 Season 3 by World Best Gaming, his experience goes even further back to the times he played Xbox. Bouncing back and forth between Challenger League and Pro League for a few seasons, Lawson finally found his foothold on the Soniqs’ roster and helped them acquire a second place finish in the first stage of the North American “LAN” League. Lawson brings a sense of humor and enthusiasm to the team that helps keep spirits high and vibes in check.


Richie “Rexen” Coronado is a player who has had a rocky road throughout his career in Rainbow Six Siege. Coronado had two instances where his career abruptly came to an end, when both organizations he was playing under announced they were retracting from the Rainbow Six Siege scene. Much like his teammate Yetii, Coronado lended a strong helping hand in placing top two in the first stage of the North American “LAN” League. While being one of the more aggressive players, Coronado is also one of the most vocal.


Evan “Kanzen'' Bushore comes in as the youngest player on the Soniqs’ roster. While not having as much experience as his current teammates, Bushore has been eager to prove his worth and mold himself into the player his teammates and coaches know he has the potential to be. While his first opportunity in Pro League also came to an abrupt end when eUnited announced they were leaving, he hasn’t let that deter him. Bushore brings a sense of youth and determination to the team that keeps everybody on their toes for the next step in their journey.


Prior to becoming a professional coach and analyst for the Susquehanna Soniqs, Joe 'jobro' Reyes has served the Rainbow Six Siege community as a Rainbow6 Twitch channel moderator, SiegeGG statistics staff, and co-producing a fantasy esports experience, code named Project Prisma. An avid player and fan since pre-release beta, he leverages eight years of engineering, project management, and business analytics experience to elevate teams through developing support structures, tools, and individuals to compete at the highest levels of the Rainbow Six esports circuit.


Lauren "Goddess" Williams is an American Rainbow Six Siege player and coach. She retired from competetive play On January 16th 2020 in order to join the staff of the Susquehanna Soniqs. On February 25th 2021 she returned to Rainbow Six Siege roster of the Susquehanna Soniqs as an Assistant Coach and Manager.

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