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Syllogic is a Korean-American coach who has worked with multiple teams at the top of PUBG in North America. From Spacestation Gaming, Genesis, and now Soniqs, Syllogic was able to create a teamwork ethos that always pushes his teams to the next level. After coaching the Soniqs to multiple regional championships along with a global championship title in 2021, Syllogic was able to establish himself as one of the most decorated coaches in PUBG history.


James 'TGLTN' Giezen is a 20 year old PUBG player from down under in Melbourne, Australia. One of the shining stars from the Oceania region, TGLTN was able to establish himself beyond OCE with appearances in North American competition in 2018 and 2019. TGLTN broke onto the PUBG Esports scene with his NPL performance on the original Soniqs roster, instantly showcasing incredible playmaking ability and world-breaking mechanics. After a short competitive hiatus in 2020, TGLTN returned to PUBG Esports on the Soniqs roster hungrier than ever with MVP performances, multiple championships and a world championship title in tow.


Tristan “Shrimzy” Nowicki is a 22-year-old PUBG player from Houston, Texas. Having startedplaying the game from early access, Tristan is a well-renowned player with a large amount ofexperience under his belt. After placing third in the most recent season of the National PUBGLeague and qualifying for GLL Grand Slam, he is coming into this new roster with an open mindand willingness to learn and develop the chemistry that is needed to come out on top of anycompetition that is presented in his path.


Austin “M1ME” Scherff, at 22-years-old, is a PUBG player hailing from Moore, Oklahoma. Withan accomplished record in NPLC placing first in 2019, he is now ready to prove himself with hisnewfound team represented under the Susquehanna Soniqs. M1ME is a very hungrycompetitor, always putting his team first in an attempt to meld team cohesion with his own personal skill to ensure success. He is driven and focused, with a fire instilled in him from ayoung age with his father’s support, and he is ready to make a name for himself as a fiercecompetitor in the PUBG professional scene.


Hunter “hwinn” Winn is a 26-year-old PUBG player from Austin, Texas. After playing PUBG fromthe very beginning while it was still in early access, Hunter realized that his skill and dedicationcould catapult him into the competitive scene as a top competitor. After placing second in theNational PUBG League and winning two games back to back at WSOE and placing third, he iscoming into the next stage of PUBG with a drive and a passion with this new Soniq’s roster tocome out on top.

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There’s a new world champion.