Six Jönköping Major 2022

With Soniqs run in the Six Jönköping Major 2022 at an end, we look back at what is now Soniqs’ deepest Major run to date. Coming in 4th-place and locking in its spot for Six Invitational 2023, the team reached a new competitive height.

Despite being the first Major for this iteration of the roster, Soniqs run was consistent after a  rocky first game. Starting off the tournament with a 7-3 loss against MNM Gaming, the team appeared to still be finding its footing. With a chance to end the first day 1-1 overall, Soniqs found themselves in the match against Black Dragons. Soniqs held a strong lead throughout the match and won 7-5.

The next day, Soniqs made a statement and all but ensured their path out of groups and into the playoffs for the first time in organization history at an R6 Major. Match three vs CYCLOPS served to prove that Soniqs were in the swing of things. In round eight, Shaun "Gunnar" Pottorff, one of Soniqs’ rookie players, scored a team ace that tied up the game. From that moment onward, CYCLOPS was unable to turn back the tides and Soniqs took the match 7-4.

This win streak continued for Soniqs as they won the remainder of their group stage schedule, catapulting into first place in their group and locking in a quarterfinal match against TSM. Not only did Soniqs secure a playoff birth, but also a spot at SI 2023 — the world championship of Rainbow Six Siege.

TSM, the former home of another new member of the Soniqs roster, Emilio "Geometrics" Leynez, pitted former teammates against each other for a chance to reach the semifinals. The games were close. Soniqs started well in game one with three wins on offense. But TSM pulled back and claimed three points on offense as well, following up with four points on defense, ultimately winning the game. Down a game, Soniqs fought even harder and brought in four offensive rounds, following up with three on defense, avoiding elimination and forcing game three. In the final match of the series, Soniqs showed their true strengths and brought in an astonishing six rounds on offense, followed by a single game-winning round on defense. This brought the match total to 2-1 Soniqs, sending them to the semifinals.

Geometrics even had a chance to show his skills to his old team in a defender-sided clutch.

With a semifinal matchup against Team BDS, Soniqs has their work cut out for them. They started off strong in game one with a 7-5 victory but faced a difficult map matchup in games two and three. Ultimately, Soniqs lost 2-1 against BDS and finished the Major top-4 for the event, the highest the team has ever placed.

Despite a top-4 finish, Soniqs proved its newest roster holds the experience to defeat some of the toughest international competitors. With newfound success, the team will turn its attention to SI early next year. Keep an eye on Soniqs twitter for more information on the team and be sure to catch them live in-game in February 2023 for more Rainbow 6 Siege at the world championship.

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